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Electric guitar commissioned by The Suneaters band. To save some money, we agreed to use neck and electronics from a brand new Gretsch Electromatic (plus an upgraded bridge) to create a guitar modeled after the band’s logo. Challenging project and very fun, best of all – it worked out so well!

“Suneaters are an American psychedelic, rock and roll band formed in Kansas City, Missouri in 2008. Its core members are Scott Hartley, Chris Garibaldi, Chris Cardwell, and Michael Judd. Suneaters’ debut LP “One” was released in October 2011 on Lotuspool Records, an independent record label started by Chris Garibaldi in the early 1990s. Suneaters advocate what they call a DIT (Do-it-together) culture – a variation on the DIY (Do-it-yourself) punk rock ethos. DIT emphasizes collaboration, collective action, art sharing, and experimentation in fracturing the dominant music industry paradigms.

“Suneaters live performances are derivative of Allan Kaprow’s classic “happenings.” incorporating children, animals, direct audience confrontation, food, film, and prose. They claim live actions to be the most pure way to create an egalitarian DIT culture in which everyone and everything has discernible value and can contribute their art, whatever it may be.” (Wikipedia)